Ootori 15yo (Karuizawa)



Nose: Neat: Some sweet sherry and rubber.
Water: Now its all about the old library smell, old dusty books.

Taste:  Neat: Oaky and malty. And a weird perfume in the background, not nice at all.
Water: Now its all about the perfume, bad batch??

Finish: Neat: Short finish, with no flavors at all.
Water: Now there is no finish!!

Comments: The Nose is alright. But the bad perfume make this whisky  almost undrinkable. This whisky don’t like water at all. Maybe I tasted a bad batch….

Rating: 79/100 (Ok Whisky)

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Akashi 5yo (White Oak)


Nose: Neat: Nose tingling feeling. Malty and a hint of sweet peach.

Water: Now its just malty and earthy aromas left..

Taste: Neat: Weak flavors. Grass, malt and oak.

Water: Much better now, more peppery flavors.

Finish: Neat: Short finish, and a bad taste of alkohol.

Water: Still short, but the bad taste is gone, but all the flavors too.


You can taste it, young whisky.. 5yo and 45%, not a good idea in this case.

Rating: 79/100 (Ok Whisky)

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Bowmore Cask Strength


Nose: Neat: Strong nose. Oak, flower, sweet sherry and perfume in an ok mix. Water: A lot of fruity flavors, peach.

Taste: Neat: Malty, spicy and lots of oak. Water: Smooth now, with a vanilla touch.

Finish: Neat: Good long finish, with a hint of smoke. Water: The same, but watered down.

Comments: Dont need a lot of water, though its 56%..

Rating: 83/100 (Good whisky)

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How to drink your whisky!!

With Richard Paterson, master blender at Whyte and Mackay..

Arran 100 Proof (8yo)


Nose: Neat: Very strong nose, sweet rubber. Water: The water brings the oak, pear and grass aromas to the surface.

Taste: Neat: Powerful taste. Fruity and with some flowery notes. Water: More oak, and spicy.

Finish: Neat: Long and peppery finish. Water: Medium long finish, oaky and still very peppery. 

Comments: Water needed, 57% is to powerful.

Rating: 84/100 (Good whisky)

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Clynelish 1991

Nose: Very fresh and a little fruity nose. Oak and some flowery notes. 

Taste: Very smooth. Fruity and lots of oak, nuts and bark. Vanilla.

Finish: Medium long finish, not much flavors though.

Comments: A nice whisky with summer flavors. Not much to complain about really.

Rating: 85/100 (Very good whisky)

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Bunnahabhain 1997 SV


Nose: Powerful nose, tingling nose feeling alright. Floral notes, rose hips (funny word). But the old, moldy aroma is quite awful. 

Taste: Lots of woody flavors, oak and bark. There is some spicy notes here, ginger. And in the background I can taste some peaty flavors, smoked bacon maybe.

Finish: Long finish, with very nice woody flavors, oak resin and nutmeg.

Comments: This whisky is ok, but nothing more. The nose is very bad, moldy and old. But the great finish held the score up.

Rating: 76/100 (Ok whisky)

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Amrut Fusion


Nose: Neat: Powerful nose and woody aromas. Vanilla, oak and bark. Water: Now there is a nice citrus and spicy notes coming forward.

Taste: Neat: Strong taste of alcohol. Lots of wood and some toffee flavors. Water: The oaky flavors are still there, and some nuts and cardboard.

Finish: Neat/Water: Long finish, with a peppery end.

Comments: This is a very good whisky, with a nice attack on the palette.

Rating: 85/100 (Very good whisky)

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Tomintoul Old Ballantruan

Nose: Powerful nose. Peaty aromas, ash and cigar smoke.

Taste: Peaty flavors, tar, seaweed and some fruit, apricots.

Finish: Medium long finish, light peat and some nice peppery notes.

Comments: Very nice peaty whisky outside Islay.

Rating: 86/100 (Very good whisky)

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Bruichladdich Peat


Nose: Ash, bonfire and burnt wood. Lightly peated nose.

Taste: There are peaty flavors, but I can feel woody notes also. Nice attack, light smoke and wood in a good balance.

Finish: Medium long finish. Spicy and nice..

Comments: Medium peaty whisky. Very drinkable indeed. If you don’t like peaty whiskies, maybe this can change your mind.

Rating: 84/100 (Ok whisky)

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